Donate to Somalia and enter to win a Vela Scarf!

30 Jul

East African Ramadan Relief – Donate just $10 and be entered in a drawing to win a Vela Scarf.

The crisis in East Africa has affected close to 11 million people in drought stricken areas of the region. It has been labelled by the UN as the “world’s worst humanitarian crisis”. -Feed Somalia

By donating $10 to help efforts in Somalia, you will automatically be drawn to win either a Coral Pleat or Lavender Ruffle! ITS  A WIN WIN. Please email if you would like to purchase a ticket. 100% of the proceeds will be given to Islamic Relief. PLEASE PARTICIPATE AND HELP SOMALIA!

More information:

“The situation has deteriorated rapidly in Somalia with thousands of refugees fleeing into overcrowded and under resourced refugee camps. Fears for the women and children are at a critical stage, with more than 30% of children suffering from acute malnutrition and risk of disease (UNHCR). There are concerns that the mass numbers will cripple the ongoing relief efforts.” -Feed Somalia

Just think, not only will your generous donation be used to help aid, but you also have a chance at recieving the flowing scarves.



27 Jun

Sneak peak!

Spring Giveaway Contest!

22 May

Disclaimer :
Please note that pictures sent to Vela may be posted on the Facebook fan page, blog, or website Pictures will not be altered in any way and will be the sole property of Vela. If you do not wish to have your picture published, please let us know and we will honor your request. Thank you!

A special announcement

18 Mar





Stylin’ the Victorian Pleat

24 Feb

Model: Eva Hsu

Whats so great about the Victorian Pleat is that it can be dressed up or down! The photo above is an outfit for evening, special occasion, or  business attire. I have styled the the scarf with a simple chic navy dress and threw on a royal inspired vest. (any vest of your liking can be applied) For the accessories I’ve styled a  gorgeous vintage belt and paired it with black flats. Last but not least is wrapping the Victorian Pleat to complete the look!


1. Vela Victorian Pleat scarf

2. Maysaa Jersey Polo Neck Maxi Dress

3. Zara Royal Vest

4. Urban Renewal Vintage Metal Belt

5. Urban Outfitters BDG  Woven Skimmer Flats

Model: Eva Hsu

Minimalism is one of the trends this spring. The approach minimalism takes is to wear one or two items and avoid layering.  I am so excited for this right now because that means for us hijabis its easier for us to find loosely fitted shirts and long dresses that are modest and also geared toward dressing minimal. It doesnt take much to dress “minimal.”  Its all about basic fluid cuts, solid colors, and no accessories needed. An easy way to apply this trend is by throwing on a simple loose shirt and your favorite combat boots. Whats so great about dressing clean cut is that you can throw on ANY Vela scarf and it will compliment the outfit!  (see gallery for more photos.)


1. Vela Victorian Pleat scarf

2. H&M flowy shirt

3. Urban Outfitters: Deena & Ozzy Bootie


13 Feb

Our inspiration for Spring 2011

The theme of this photo shoot was “Travel.” We wanted to take our Vela viewers to a destination which involved taxi cabs, dinning restaurants, train stations, and waiting halls. Pretty much everything you would normally experience when traveling. Our team focused on dark-colored and bronze backgrounds to contrast the feminine designs of each scarf. Every single scarf was photographed with a certain background to capture the essence of the design.

ex. The brass colored frames complimented the thick gold zipper that lined  the Black Zipper scarf.

Black Zipper

A la mode

Olive Woven

ex. The symmetrical and structural detail in the wood represents the  woven pleat effect in the Olive Woven wrap.


When I started sketching the Spring 2011 collection I knew that for this particular season  I wanted to do an ‘out of the box’ setting. In almost every spring ad, the visual concepts and emotions you see/feel are: floral, whimsical, fresh, hyper colors, and gleeful patterns. So I took those concepts and played around with it to create my own pieces.

For an example, there can’t be a spring collection without a little bit of floral! However, I feel that  floral prints are overplayed in hijab fashion. I cant help but feel like your head isn’t meant to be a flower pot.  In almost every hijabi store I’ve been to, the majority of the scarves are floral, and although some of them are nice, its not ALL that we want wear. So instead of using only  rose print fabrics in this collection,  I decided to also try to bring the rose to life and design it into the scarf itself. The result of this creation is the ultra elegance and chic De Rose scarf where fabric roses are lined along the back of the scarf to create a gorgeous focal point. See it for yourself!






If you pay attention to the details, even the names in the collection were in a foreign language that took your mind to a certain destination.

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11 Jan

Marwa Atik (second left) posing with the Vela models.



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Behind the Seams

24 Nov

All designs start with this question: what can I do that has never been done before?  It’s no secret that Vela’s most memorable creation was the  Bella and Ruffle Prima, which have now become signature Vela pieces. My next move was to create incredible pieces that displayed intricate workmanship and precise attention to detail. The Spring 2011 collection will feature more sculptural textures where the design itself looks like a part of the scarf.  The main goal for this season was to find comfortable fabrics that would stay on the head and most importantly, not too shear.

some patterns that will be featured in the Spring 2011 collection

Believe it or not, a new trend for spring is black and white. (see Chanel Spring 2011) This new trend is not expected since we usually imagine floral and pastel colors to be more “spring like.” From clean cut white pieces to black lace designs; be on the look out for this classic twist! Above are some shots of the black and white patterns I took from my BlackBerry that will be featured with the new collection.

Clean chic seems to be the new term to describe upcoming 2011 trends. The first color that pops into my head is white because of its ability to transform an outfit into fresh elegance (if done the right way). However I know there are a few hijabis out there that tend to lean away from wearing it and are a bit hesitant. Whyyyy?!?

So my question to YOU is WOULD YOU WEAR WHITE?

Making an Appearance

30 Oct

Check out The Vela team and I stepping into the scene at the small business expo at IIOC. The turn out was bigger than I expected! mA Loved getting a one on one meeting and greet with the Vela supporters as well as first timers. Here are a couple of shots taken by Amira Mertaban. (p.s the scarf that I’m wearing is a new arrival sneak peak..tell me what you think!)

Spot Vela at the next Event

20 Oct

far left: Marwa Atik, Noor S., Amena S., Marwa B.

This sunday IIOC (Islamic Institute of Orange County)  will be hosting a small business expo where Vela will be having a booth out there. There will be a couple of interesting treats for us to share with you such as:

$10 designed hijabs

sleeves debut

as well as new scarf arrivals!

Get a chance to see some of the Vela girls and I in action and if you have any questions or comments you’ll be able to get the answers in person!

For more information click on the event page on facebook.