13 Feb

Our inspiration for Spring 2011

The theme of this photo shoot was “Travel.” We wanted to take our Vela viewers to a destination which involved taxi cabs, dinning restaurants, train stations, and waiting halls. Pretty much everything you would normally experience when traveling. Our team focused on dark-colored and bronze backgrounds to contrast the feminine designs of each scarf. Every single scarf was photographed with a certain background to capture the essence of the design.

ex. The brass colored frames complimented the thick gold zipper that lined  the Black Zipper scarf.

Black Zipper

A la mode

Olive Woven

ex. The symmetrical and structural detail in the wood represents the  woven pleat effect in the Olive Woven wrap.


When I started sketching the Spring 2011 collection I knew that for this particular season  I wanted to do an ‘out of the box’ setting. In almost every spring ad, the visual concepts and emotions you see/feel are: floral, whimsical, fresh, hyper colors, and gleeful patterns. So I took those concepts and played around with it to create my own pieces.

For an example, there can’t be a spring collection without a little bit of floral! However, I feel that  floral prints are overplayed in hijab fashion. I cant help but feel like your head isn’t meant to be a flower pot.  In almost every hijabi store I’ve been to, the majority of the scarves are floral, and although some of them are nice, its not ALL that we want wear. So instead of using only  rose print fabrics in this collection,  I decided to also try to bring the rose to life and design it into the scarf itself. The result of this creation is the ultra elegance and chic De Rose scarf where fabric roses are lined along the back of the scarf to create a gorgeous focal point. See it for yourself!






If you pay attention to the details, even the names in the collection were in a foreign language that took your mind to a certain destination.


One Response to “TRAIN OF THOUGHT”

  1. Haute Muslimah February 14, 2011 at 2:29 am #

    I absolutely loved this new collection, and especially loved the lack of in-your-face florals for spring. I think the collection is so unique, with scarves we definitely won’t be able to find anywhere else! That’s what I love about Vela! Keep up the amazing work Marwa and company 🙂

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