Donate to Somalia and enter to win a Vela Scarf!

30 Jul

East African Ramadan Relief – Donate just $10 and be entered in a drawing to win a Vela Scarf.

The crisis in East Africa has affected close to 11 million people in drought stricken areas of the region. It has been labelled by the UN as the “world’s worst humanitarian crisis”. -Feed Somalia

By donating $10 to help efforts in Somalia, you will automatically be drawn to win either a Coral Pleat or Lavender Ruffle! ITS  A WIN WIN. Please email if you would like to purchase a ticket. 100% of the proceeds will be given to Islamic Relief. PLEASE PARTICIPATE AND HELP SOMALIA!

More information:

“The situation has deteriorated rapidly in Somalia with thousands of refugees fleeing into overcrowded and under resourced refugee camps. Fears for the women and children are at a critical stage, with more than 30% of children suffering from acute malnutrition and risk of disease (UNHCR). There are concerns that the mass numbers will cripple the ongoing relief efforts.” -Feed Somalia

Just think, not only will your generous donation be used to help aid, but you also have a chance at recieving the flowing scarves.


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