What it’s all about….

Vela’s mission is to provide you with the best hijab/scarf shopping experience you’ll ever have. As a young designer, I know how frustrating it is  to walk into a  hijab store and not being able to find anything that works for your style. My solution was to pursue  a line where women of all ages can find something. From sophisticated elegance, to clean chic, to edgy; each scarf is innovative and unique on its own (just like the people who purchase it.)  Inshallah with the love and support of family, friends, and most importantly amazing people like you; my ultimate goal is to feature a complete line of clothing that embraces women modesty. Being modest does not mean you can’t have your own personal style. Hijab can prove that women can be modest as required by Allah but also be unique and beautiful individuals. So lets spread the word and show  that wearing a hijab is  in fact empowerment…and how beautiful covering up really is!

With love,

Marwa Atik


One Response to “What it’s all about….”

  1. Mina Noori October 29, 2010 at 1:48 am #

    Keep it up you guys. The scarves are outstanding. I havent seen anything like it.

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